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 Divine Life-style Consultation Service

with REV. Viktoras P. Kulvinskas, M.S.

Divine Life Science and Live Foods Nutritional Awareness Consultations: The consultations can be through mail or in person. Whenever possible, forms (Q/A - 2 sides) should be filled out ahead of time and brought (or mailed, faxed) to the meeting. To make the best use of our time, bring also your own list of questions and reserve an appropriate amount of time. At the meeting I can help you to understand yourself better, make needed upgrade in lifestyle, review your present supplements and diet, identify the areas that need immediate improve, as well as directions for the future.

 Consultation in Person

 During the meeting, I look at each individual's details on the Q/A (request forms from Victor) as well as what ever else might be available, such as the traditional eastern vital signs and details of the body: physiognomy, irises, palms, numerology (date of birth), tongue, acupressure/reflexology points. The visuals are extremely helpful to give deeper understandment of the whole persons life patterns which brought on dis-ease, being out of touch with your divinity. Furthermore, the palm lines and date of birth, through the science of numerology and palmistry, helps to create a clear painting of the individuals past and the anticipated future. DONATIONS $100 for 55 minutes. Please have cash or travel checks. A tape will be made for you of the meeting (phone or in person). You will receive hand out literature, diet upgrade, with a transitional approach program, recipes and supplement recommendations with lifestyle upgrade directions in physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Consultation via Mail and/or Phone

 Submit the Q/A form, photos with front of face and tongue stuck out, as well as side of face (ears showing), both hands print (copy palm prints - make sure the lines are clear and well market - review the copy and add in lines, that might not have shown up) indicating if you are left handed. Money order for $100, mail out to Victor P. Kulvinskas, 1489 Airport Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913. (501) 767- 6435 - allow 2 weeks for delivery. Consultation is also provided by phone. (VISA, Master accepted) @ $20/15 minutes.  

If you wish for a consultation, please call 1-800-927-2527 Ext. 00205
and leave your name, address and Phone number.

Feel free to e-mail Viktoras at Viktoras@direclynx.net  

Sources : http://www.naturalusa.com/viktor/consult.html

Viktoras, évêque de la secte des Esseniens 

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