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Anna et Brian, directeurs de l'Institut hippocrate


Mangeons cru avec Anna et Brian !


Anna Maria Gahns Clement is no cook. Neither is her husband, Brian. On one typical night, the couple served their dinner guests a gourmet salad, an exotic nut loaf with nut gravy, and a colorful array of vegetables with a piquant sesame seed dip. The meal was delicious--but entirely raw.

"We eat mainly raw food because it's healthier," says Clement, who with her husband co-directs the Hippocrates Health Institute, an alternative health center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Proponents of a raw-food diet (or living-food diet, as it's also known), the Clements eat mostly uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, herbs and small quantities of cold-pressed vegetable oils. But other advocates of the raw-food diet have a wider choice: They'll include fermented plant food such as enzymes in plant food that help us digest and absorb nutrients, claims Brian Clement. Advocates theorize that by conserving nutrients and enzymes, a raw-food diet can improve your health in a variety of ways. (...)

Eating mostly raw foods can give you more energy and boost your immunity, says Charito Bacaltos, M.D., assistant health administrator at the Hippocrates Health Institute. She says that raw vegetarian foods, especially when organically grown, are rich in oxygen and enzymes. She believes that these important elements are eliminated in cooked and highly processed foods. She maintains that raw, living foods are the best source of undiluted vitamins, minerals and proteins that are vital in promoting vibrant health. Dr. Bacaltos also says that raw foods help the body to clean out its toxins and strengthen the immune system, thereby effectively cutting down the risk of life-threatening conditions such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. (...)

Raw--Or Mostly Raw

If you want to give a raw-food diet a try, you have two options--a raw-food-only diet or a mostly raw-food diet.

According to the Clements, if you're recovering from a serious illness and your immune system needs recharging, a 100 percent raw diet is your best bet. Otherwise, they say, a mostly raw-food diet--75 percent raw and 25 percent cooked--should suffice.

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Gynécologie : vivent les plantes !

 Female Balance & Freedom!

Karen T. Fierro, BFA, LMT, CYI

The phrase 'female balance' sounds as if it could mean anything from a trendy magazine catering to today's woman or the latest PMS pain relief medication. Many people are unaware that true female balance is even possible. So what does it mean? Female balance occurs in a body whose hormonal (i.e. endocrine) system is functioning optimally. Through the consumption of organic plant-based living food the body cleanses naturally while being richly nourished. Women who enjoy the living food lifestyle over a period of time report:

Sound too good to be true? Let's take a closer look at the chemicals of key importance to regulating balance in the body; hormones. The word hormone is derived from the Greek word "hormon," which means "to set in motion." Hormones are produced by endocrine glands in minute amounts, cover allot of territory by circulating in body fluids and are uniquely designed to influence the action of specific tissues. I like to refer to them as "the peace-keepers" of the body because they control: salt levels in the blood, blood pressure, kidney function, electrolytic balance, overall fluid concentrations, calcium levels, blood sugar and glucose, the activity of the thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, and so much more. In short, hormonal activity allows all physiological components (organs, glands, arteries, muscles, tendons, etc.) to perform optimally and in harmony with one another (...)

 How does cooking effect food? When heat is put to live-food (from approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit on up) it denatures and/or completely destroys vital nutrients. When consumption choices favor non-organic, cooked, highly processed, excess; protein (animal), fat, salt and complex carbohydrates, contain refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol, hormonal imbalance becomes the norm. Sadly, modern society reinforces the issue by leading many people to reach for foods of convenience, artificial chemical additives and low-level nutritional extravagance. Contraceptives, plastics, household & environmental chemicals shown to inhibit or alter the delicate endocrine system must be considered as well. Under such conditions, toxic waste builds-up in tissues and the body functions with noticeable negative side effects. Hence, cyclical events natural to the female body become"traumatic." The commonly used adage 'you become what you eat' rings true loud and clear!

"When you eat Living Foods, they contain all the nutrients, oxygen, enzymes and hormones available to create a good hormonal balance. When you ovulate and menstruate you do not go through the discomfort that women usually experience like a personal roller-coaster. When entering menopause it generally occurs at a later date and with softer symptoms. Of course all of these benefits are gained after a long and consistent use of living foods."

Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, Health Administrator for Hippocrates Health Institute

The female body is uniquely designed and blessed with the capacity to bring forth new life and menstruation is a wonderful opportunity for the body to renew itself in preparation of such an event. Through direct observation over a span of months, the woman who consistently consumes organic plant-based living food can utilize the symptomology of her monthly cycles as a "barometer" to determine her detoxing progress. In general, the less typical symptomology she experiences (cramps, PMS, headaches, high flow rate, etc.) the more balance her body, mind and emotions enjoy. Even the menopausal phase of life is observed as a cessation of menstruation with few and or lighter side effects. The gradual internal cleansing experienced through living food consumption naturally brings forth heightened intuition and vibrancy of being. It's no surprise that women report experiencing an increase in sexual sensitivity creating fuller physical, emotional and spiritual expression in love-making and receiving. Natural sexual tendencies within the body are given a new opportunity to optimally blossom in ways previously thought unimaginable. Nurturing relationships with family and friends, the growth of spiritual awareness, lifestyle responsibilities, development of creative personal interests, education and career need not be interrupted by unnecessary suffering any longer. The benefits are innumerable. Now this is freedom every woman has been waiting for! (...)

Of Special Note: If you are pregnant, undergoing hormone therapy, faced with a health challenge, or would simply like to learn more about the living food lifestyle, please consult with a professional Natural Hygiene Practitioner or live food health center such as http://www.hippocratesinst.com to guide your approach.

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Sources : http://www.living-foods.com/articles/femalebalance.html


Soigner les cancers ... autrement !

paru dans :

`Let Food Be Your Medicine' - Hippocrates - 17 mars 2002

WEST PALM BEACH - Lacinda Boone, 64, of West Palm Beach suffers from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma but says she has never felt better.

``I realized that I had been in a deep depression and just couldn't get it under control,'' she says. She came to the Hippocrates Health Institute ``because I needed help.'' (...)

``The Hippocrates way of life is one that focuses completely on boosting your immune system from every aspect of how that's possible,'' says Brian Clement, a certified nutritionist and the institute's director. ``You do that physically through diet and exercise, and emotionally by having a positive attitude.''

Clement has been working for Hippocrates since the 1970s and has been director since 1980. He says he has seen many ``miracles'' happen, but they don't come easy.

``It's not magic. People who come to us have to work hard to break all their bad habits.''

The `Living Foods' Diet :

``Diet is what we're best known for,'' says Clement. ``Every single physical ailment and many emotional ailments can be treated through diet change to the living foods way.''

The institute serves up ``living foods'' daily at its 30-acre Palm Beach County campus, a former nudist colony at the end of a residential street. (...)

The question of whether conventional medical treatment should be dropped comes up often with institute clients. Clement says he does not believe in conventional medicine, but he isn't against it either. (les clients de l'Institut demandent souvent s'ils doivent poursuivre leur traitement médical conventionnel. Clement répond qu'il ne croit pas à la médecine conventionnelle mais qu'il n'y voit pas d'objection)

``What I've learned is it's not for me to determine what they should do,'' says Clement. ``Half the people who come to us suffering from cancer, for example, choose to seek conventional medical treatment in addition to our program. ("la moitié des malades qui viennent chez nous et souffrent d'un cancer choisissent de poursuivre leur traitement conventionnel". => l'autre moitié l'abandonne - NDLR)

``I encourage that. I want people to be comfortable with the decisions they make.

``Our whole institute is based on education. It's not based on medicine. My feeling is that we don't stay alive because of medicine, but because we live a healthy lifestyle.''